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Thank you for stopping by to consider pledging a donation to my project “Songs & Tunes Of My Mentors”. It's a collection of my life’s projects that honors all the great jazz legends that crossed my musical path and were a strong influence on releasing my musical gifts. The songs were written by Buddy Collette, Gerald Wilson, Benny Carter, Teddy Edwards, and John Stephens! My ‘life’ project’ gives me a chance to show, giving thanks to all for their generous time of sharing their love! 

My first single from this project “It’s You” is a sneak peek of what’s to come by year's end (with your help) of the fully produced CD entitled “Songs, Tunes of My Mentors ” which includes: Ron Barrows, Curt Sletten, Jeff Kaye, Mike Nelson, Cindy Bradley, Dave Thomasson, Dennis Kaye, Les Benedict, Chris Johnson, Yuko Mabuchi, Greg Poree, Trevor Ware, Lance Kellogg! Other styles include Jazz, driving Swing, Ballad, Brazilian, Latin, and the Bluzzzy Big Band! This is why I am reaching out to those that appreciate my lifelong career. 

As many musicians know, the pandemic was crippling for our business and personal lives, for music in all its glory is what sustains our families and household. I am a strong advocate for “never giving up on a dream” and for that reason I appeal to you for your kind consideration in assisting me in completing this project that is very close to my heart. I have been in this business for many years, and had quite a few successful moments within my craft, and feel that it is my uttermost concern to continue to believe that there is a way when there seems to be none in today’s landscape of creative hearts and minds. Thank you once again for being a friend and for enjoying the gifts that God has given me to please your listening ears and that jazz music stays evergreen.

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We will communicate updates with all the donators as the project progresses, John is excited to keep the music moving forward and is humbled by those that would like to hear more.  Thank you in advance for your contribution to John's campaign.