Johnny Otis And His Orchestra - Back To Jazz ‎(LP, Album) 
Grover Mitchell - Meet Grover Mitchell ‎(LP, Album) 
The Whispers - This Kind Of Lovin'  
Fifth Avenue (2) - Miracles   
Grover Mitchell Big Band* - The Devil's Waltz ‎(LP, Album)   
Lenny Williams 
Gerald Wilson Orchestra of The 80's - Calafia ‎ 
Gerald Wilson Orchestra of The 90's - Jenna ‎ 
Miles Davis & Michel Legrand - Dingo    
The Gerald Wilson Orchestra* - Theme For Monterey ‎
The Gerald Wilson Orchestra* - State Street Sweet ‎
Various - Verona Jazz ‎(CD, Comp) 
The Buddy Collette Big Band - In Concert - The Music Of William 'Buddy' Collette‎(CD, Album) 
 Miles Davis - 1986-1991 The Warner Years ‎Red Foxx Show, Las Vegas, w/Gerald Wilson Orch.Roy Gaines Orch. Tuxedo Blues. Arranger 

Writing & Arrangement 

Ted Taylor - Make Up For Lost Time   
Jackie Milton - Little By Little / Foolish Foolish Fool   
Ted Taylor - Break Of Day